N A T H A N   B A N F I E L D   B E A C H

I do painting, collage, and printmaking... as documented here. I try to release an album of music each year with my band Climate, though since babies came along for both me and my band mate, we've more or less been on break since 2013. We are currently in progress on our comeback album, Colorways, slated for 2019. I work on cloud infrastructure management software for a large information technology company. I also serve as Chief Technology Officer for the Austin-based art print company Nakatomi, Inc. I went to the University of Texas at Austin to get a BA in German Language and a minor in Electrical Engineering, and to the University of Texas at Dallas to get a MS in Information Technology & Management. I am married with twin toddlers and another little baby boy. My tenuous claim to fame is that I am Wikipedia member #26. You can see a fascinating illustrated history of nathanbeach.com here. Is your name "Nathan Beach", too? Click here.